Ginger, marzipan and dark chocolate are three of Mum’s favourite ingredients. So the winning combo for her birthday would be stem ginger, wrapped in marzipan and coated in dark chocolate.

Chocolates are so simple to make, which means you can focus on choosing delicious ingredients which go together well and making them look beautiful. Stem ginger is spicy, it goes well with nutty sweet marzipan and a rich dark chocolate. Gold edible glitter adds a sparkly finish to them.

choc ginger 1

The Recipe

Icing sugar
Stem ginger
Dark chocolate
Edible glitter

– Dust the work surface with icing sugar and roll the marzipan out.
– Cut the stem ginger into small pieces.
– Slice the marzipan into strips and wrap around the stem ginger.
– Melt the chocolate.
– Insert a cocktail stick into the stem ginger and drizzle with chocolate.
– Place on a baking paper and sprinkle edible glitter on top.
– Once set, remove the cocktail stick.