Back in the toon things are changing.

Location wise, I’ve moved from the safety of student halls to the lovely area of Jesmond. I’m now in possession of a set of keys, an npower account and a yellow front door.

Jesmond is an area full of students, bars, a Waitrose (the student loan company must realise this and give you more in your second year!), and lots of places to eat. Within the three minute walk from my flat to the Tesco over the bridge, I pass six cafes and restaurants. I’m concerned for my bank balance already…

Harvest is a new coffee shop, opened by the owners of Ouseburn Coffee Co. Ouseburn Coffee started in 2012, offering ethically sourced, freshly ground and bagged on the same day coffee. Harvest canteen is deceivingly hidden along a street of shops, just a set of benches and a dark grey blank sign indicate that you’ve found the right place.

harvest harvest 1 harvest 2

Once inside, the decor is incredibly simple: wooden benches, striped linen tea towels, low hanging lights and white walls. The atmosphere is incredibly calm and rather indie (it appears you have to wear striped shirts and a beard to work there). The calming atmosphere is enhanced by drinking fresh mint tea from a glass cup and eating a nutty almond croissant, filled with marzipan and crunchy flaked almonds.

Harvest is a fab place, filled with fab coffee and fab fresh mint tea.

I’m going to have to try out every wooden bench and table before finding my regular spot.