On a rainy and cold day in the North East it’s necessary to have a delicious lunch to keep you going, especially when your days are being spent reading Plato back to back in the library.

Hummus and halloumi are two of the greatest loves of my life. The salty flavour of halloumi and nuttiness of hummus is a delicious pairing. I can easily get through a pot of hummus a day – hummus with toast, carrot sticks, cucumber, or just on its own! When matching this with smooth creamy avocado and a small kick of spicy paprika you have the makings of an almost perfect lunch. All you need to finish it off is some great toasted bread – I use Genius bread which is packed full of seeds and nuts.


Simply toast the bread, spread on the hummus, top with the mashed avocado, a sprinkle of paprika and slices of fried halloumi. There are so many different variations you could do of this for lunch such as beetroot hummus with feta or avocado with poached eggs.

It makes such a quick, tasty and filling lunch to treat yourself to around library sessions!