I’ve just arrived home after having packed up 3 years worth of stuff, locked the yellow door for the final time and said farewell to living in Newcastle.

Over the past three years, the majority of my student loan has been spent keeping various food establishments in business. Before living in Newcastle, I was unaware of the vast amount of brunch spots, bakeries and markets in the city as well as the possibly the best burger spot.

I have managed to justify my eating habits by the low cost of living in the North East. Going out for brunch on a bi-weekly basis is completely legitimate as are a few burgers a month at the Fat Hippo. There are various markets in Newcastle that I’ve visited over the 3 years and Grainger Market provides you with not only the best selection of fruit and vegetables but the most delicious crepes and galettes at La Petite Creperie. For £4.00 you can get a buckwheat galette filled with smoked salmon and dill, or a crepe topped with caramelised apples and cinnamon.

It is hard to fault the Fat Hippo as it has been a staple to mine (and many a students) diet since first year. Both restaurants across the city are relaxed and a perfect place to spend an evening devouring the most delicious burgers served in brioche buns. Think burgers with pesto and parma ham; bacon, cheese and onion rings and crunchy sweet potato fries.


Brunch has also been a staple part of my uni routine whether it is waffles and berries with a strong coffee at Arlo’s or cinnamon granola and a pot of peppermint tea at QB’s. Both places have seen more of my student loan than any other establishment and both places have kept me sane when English Language just didn’t make any sense. (It is true that a cup of tea (especially QB’s tea) can solve any sort of problem).



It is understandable that any restaurant that has a bronze horse stood outside of it to welcome you is going to be interesting. The Herb Garden creates delicious fresh stone baked pizzas and imaginatively named cocktails. Not only is the food delicious but it is visually beautiful. Lamps hang from the ceiling from different heights and one wall is covered in the growing herbs which are then used in the food.

I can not say that I have eaten like a student during any time in the last 3 years but whilst I may lack socks and functioning shoes I have definitely dined well.

Newcastle you’ve been absolutely incredible and completely delicious.