With the festive season upon us, Christmas lists are being written, sent and shared around the world. In our family, the list that takes priority is the food and drink one. Who’s bringing the turkey? Where’s the cheese being bought from? What’s being served for breakfast?

My Christmas Day tasks include baking the breakfast babka, making light almond biscuits and creating a Christmas cocktail. Christmas Day is about eating delicious food from the moment you wake till the moment you need a food induced lie down. The drink is no exception and so my task to create a Christmas cocktail has been researched, planned and practised a few times now.

The cocktail consists of Disaronno, Prosecco and grapefruit juice. As one of my tasters described it “Disaronno is like drinking marzipan”. The rich liquor is powerful and sweet which works well with sharp grapefruit juice. Prosecco is a great addition to most drinks, adding a slight fizz to the drink. I finished the drink with a strip of grapefruit peel, twisted slightly.

The joy of making your own cocktail is that you can practise and tweak it to your personal taste, adding a little more grapefruit or a little less Disaronno. It is also pretty easy to create your own cocktail. Think of some flavours you like, think of some flavours that work well together, put them in a glass and give it a taste!

(Serving the drink on a Christmas napkin with a mince pie is also recommended)

If you want to stick to some classics, Jamie and Good Food have ideas from mulled wine to mimosas…